Allan Symons

Allan Symons began his career as a broadcaster in Australian capital city markets in 1973, and then branched out as a performer into television, film, radio, stage, and public speaking. This presented him with acting credits including Riley & Sattler's 'THE NAKED VICAR SHOW', Grundy's ‘CARSONS LAW'/'SONS AND DAUGHTERS', Nomad Films 'BAY CITY', and Kennedy Miller's mini series 'BODYLINE' among many others.

He is also credited with co-writing, directing and starring in 'The Fall Of Rome", an innovative 40 episode radio comedy sold to, and broadcast by The Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He has also cast and directed national and international radio drama for The Corporation.

He writes, directs and produces many training, safety, induction and sales films for Australia's ‘blue chip' companies, starring in several of them, and is sought after as a media training consultant.

Allan is contracted to Australian commercial radio networks as a comedy writer and performer and is regarded as one of Australia's pre-eminent character voice and voice-over artists, lending his vocal talents to numerous prestige radio, television and documentary projects internationally. His corporate comedy writing and performances are also of note and he is an after dinner speaker of distinction. He is also a contributing writer for Australian press and magazines.

When his schedule permits he is engaged as a presenter for television programmes requiring his brand of sophisticated irreverence, and is happy to be engaged by Home In W.A.

All information from Home in WA web site.