My Special Friends

Frances with her first wombat

  • Do you know that if it hadn't been for Frances I wouldn't be here!
  • Prince George of England has my books! How about that?
  • All my pictures are at the Princess Magaret Hospital for Children in Perth. They've got all the books too and some patients write to Facebook.
  • My friend Allan Symons read my first book onto a CD so now children who can't see well can hear the story from The Blind Association Library.
  • Bruce Angus is very special. He wrote most of my song and he made all of this web-site. How special is that!
  • Nutmeg, the special mascot for the Socceroos is my friend. He is special because he has a great dance.
  • Glennys Marsdon is a special friend because she gave MY AUTHOR lots of good ideas.
  • The Wombat Foundation receives the profits from the books and CDs.

  • Fourth Crossing Wildlife

  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

  • Pilpel Print

  • Native Animal Rescue Group

  • Authors Unlimited

  • Youngergnow Malleefowl Center

  • Stirling Range Retreat

  • Westbooks Library Services

  • Aspects of Kings Park

  • Dept. of Parks and Wildlife

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