My Four Books

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Colour Willit's Walkabout

This book was made in 2018 because some children asked for it.They wanted to choose their own colours for me and my friends,THEN they wanted me to have an adventure outside Australia. Alexander did all thes terrific drawings and Frances wrote a few words about me and my friends.

Willit's Friends - My first book (Now in its second edition)

Book 1

This book tells about my Mum and why she called me Willit. It tells about my friends and why I needed them when something bad happened to Mum.

I also have a CD!
You should hear Allan Symons read my first story. He knew that my friends had different personalities and has read it that way. It is great fun. You'll hear a full orchestra play for me.

Willit the Wombat Grows Up - My second book

To order please email Frances. (RRP $15.00)

Book 2

I had a lot to learn when I got to the Old Burrow. Aunt Sis took me in and taught me lots of things, including burrow architecture

The Great Wombat showed me dangers in the bush. I made new friends. When I was grown up I went off on my own.

Willit the Amazing Wombat - My third book

To order please email Frances. (RRP $15.00)

Book 3
I'm not amazing at all. That's just people talk. I'm just a Hairy-nosed Wombat that is determined to raise my family in my own way and make sure that we can all live happily in the bush..and...that we can teach you human folk a thing or two when we meet.

I'm not amazing but I did make up a poem about me. Then I thought it would be a good song, so there is some music in this book for you to sing. The world premiere of my song was given by the children from Kensington Primary School. Have a listen to them sing the first verse. The recording was made at Wesley College

When you buy this book, you'll get a CD of the Kensington kids singing my song.

Come and explore My World! You'll find I do everything in a Wombatty Way.

For general enquires please send an email to Read Rebam Company.

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